My name is Charlene Redekopp and I have been working as a piano teacher and music engraver/copyist since 1991 when I graduated from McGill University with a Master of Music in piano performance.

Teaching and engraving provide the perfect balance for me.

Keeping my piano studio relatively small (25 to 30 students) allows me to give each student the attention and energy that they deserve. I enjoy creating a program of study for each student that they will be excited about. Although my training is in classical music and I believe that a strong background in good technique is essential, I also teach popular music with some of my students. Other students enjoy preparing for examinations at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto or McGill Conservatory. And my teaching is not limited to children—anyone can learn to play the piano well, no matter what the age.

The music engraving appeals to the detail-oriented part of my personality. I love the exacting nature of the craft and find it very satisfying to produce a beautiful-looking score. I enjoy the challenge of working for different publishing houses and composers, adapting to the requested styles while maintaining traditional engraving standards.

What do I do for fun? I love reading, being in nature, working on home renovation projects, and playing the bagpipes in a summer parade.